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NY Boudoir Photographer | One Hot Potato!

One of the benefits of being a photographer in 2011 is Facebook. Through Facebook I have connected with some amazing groups of photographers from all around the country. One of the groups that is dear to my heart is a group of LI photographers that are a bunch of talented, supportive, amazing artists. Let’s call…

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10 Random Facts About Me :)

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend I was inspired by a fellow photographer to write a blog post about myself. Talking about myself is not something I am really great at – so I thought I would put a fun little spin on it by sharing some random facts that will help you get to know…

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From Hairdresser to Boudoir Bombshell!

Ladies and Gents, I could not be more excited or proud to finally reveal the photos of Tara! Tara is our amazing, talented hairdresser and friend. She spends so much time making everyone else beautiful – so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to make her feel the same. Introducing….Tara! (Yay!!) ~ After working…

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