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NY Boudoir Photography | What would you take with you?

Hey everyone, I hope you all don’t mind – but I wanted to take a rare moment to be serious on my blog for a change. As most of you know, we are expecting a pretty large hurricane this weekend on the East Coast. Normally on a beautiful day like today I would blog about…

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NY Boudoir Photography | Feature Friday ~ Ms. P ~

Last week we had one of the busiest weeks here at Jenerations Boudoir. In addition to a bunch of individual sessions, we had 2 Boudoir Parties! The women were all amazing and I had a blast with them. We are going to feature a bunch of them on our blog – and we will start…

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NY Boudoir Photographer | Do it just for you!

It’s been such a busy summer here at Jenerations, in fact it’s our busiest season yet! We are meeting so many amazing women. This week we worked with Ms. P. She came in a gorgeous girl for sure…but wow, the beauty team here really vamped her up to turn her into a sexy diva! Ms.…

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