• My Favorite Lingerie Items for Boudoir Shoots

    By admin / April 05 , 2018 / Comments
    Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thanks for your support! Spring has sprung. (Or so they say. I am still waiting for the nice weather to show up!) Warm weather or […]
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  • Shamelessly Feminine | One Man’s thoughts on the Vagina

    By admin / June 08 , 2016 / 18 Comments
    I woke up this morning and like most mornings, reached for my phone and caught up on social media. First was snapchat where I found this gem of an article from Cosmo Mag. 10 things he thinks about your vagina. The title alone was comical, so I had to read on.  Let's take a look. Here's the title: […]
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  • Boudoir | Every Woman Deserves a Boudoir Shoot (Part 2!)

    By admin / March 29 , 2016 / 1 Comment
    I believe every woman can celebrate her unique femininity, shamelessly. This is what I live for. It’s why I am a photographer. It’s how I live my own life. It influences how I parent my daughter. When you come to me and shed your clothing and I photograph you, it’s part of the process of livi […]
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  • Jen Rozenbaum | Top 10 Things Boudoir Photographers Want You to Know

    By admin / October 06 , 2015 / 17 Comments
    This is a post that has been on my mind for a while. As I am moving into my 8th year of photographing women, there are a lot of things I have heard over and over again from clients as well as things I hear from fellow photographers. My hopes for this post is to get clients and photographers on the s […]
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  • Shamelessly Feminine | This is 40!

    By admin / August 04 , 2015 / 33 Comments
    Today is my 40th birthday. I almost made it up until midnight last night. I aborted my mission to do so around 11:35. I admit, I started feeling a little anxious. Not about turing 40, but about letting go of my 30's. My 30's were busy, fun, exciting.... predictable. When I turned 30 I was a newly […]
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  • Shamelessly Feminine | #My40thF*ckingBirthday

    By admin / July 04 , 2015 / 7 Comments
    Today is July 4th. Happy Birthday America!  Birthdays are often met with great joy and celebration. We love making our friends and loved ones feel good on their special day. I wonder though, how do you feel when it comes to your own birthday? Me, I would rather it pass without notice. No parties […]
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  • NYC Boudoir Photography | I Made a Mistake

    By admin / June 02 , 2015 / 21 Comments
    Recently, I made a mistake. I didn't know I was making it at the time. There wasn't one clear moment of mistake making. It was more like an avalanche that started off small and gained momentum over some time. It wasn't until I was faced with this big mess in front of me, that I realized the errors […]
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  • NY Boudoir Photography | Sometimes I get Blue

    By admin / April 21 , 2015 / 30 Comments
    It happens every spring. April to be exact. I fall into a creative slump. The "I suck" comments are completely overpowering the "I got this" mantras in my head. I start the dreaded exercise of checking Facebook, comparing myself to others, over feeding the "I suck" machine. It happens every April. […]
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  • NY Boudoir Photographer | Feeling is Living.

    By admin / April 14 , 2015 / 7 Comments
    One of the most common questions I get from clients and photographers is if I give my clients alcohol to help them relax before a shoot. My answer is always NO! A big fat NO... but it may not be for the reasons you think. Yes, of course I want to avoid droopy eyes, drunk clients and liability issu […]
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  • Jen Rozenbaum | Modern Day Feminism – My Take.

    By admin / January 05 , 2015 / 17 Comments
    It's 2015. It sounds so futuristic, doesn't it? Maybe it's because of Back to the Future or maybe it's because I am turning 40 this year... but 2015 just sounds so... modern. It is modern. I mean look at how technology has changed. Phones, computers, TV's, cameras. They have all exceeded what we dr […]
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