Feature Friday – an Upclose and Personal Peek at a Boudoir Shoot.

Wouldn’t it be great to get an upclose and personal sneak peek at someone else’s Boudoir Shoot at our Studio in Queens? Afterall, women from all over Long Island, NYC and beyond are having an amazing time with us.

We truly love our clients, truth be told, many of them become our friends too. We have a growing list of women who keep in touch with us after their shoot, come to visit us from time to time and even invite us to their weddings (I just went to one Saturday night!). One of our friends is Jennifer, and she is going to kick off “Feature Friday”. From time to time, on Fridays we are going to feature interviews with clients so you can see what their experiences were like, and share their love for Boudoir Photography.

….Drumroll please….Introducing….Jennifer!!!

Tell us a little about you…name, age, where do you live, anything you want us to know!

Jennifer age 30 a Queens resident lover of dogs and chocolate

What inspired you to do a boudoir shoot?

I had seen Jen’s work on a site called LI Weddings and was so impressed at how amazing each and every woman looked in her photos I had to try it out for myself.

Why did you choose Jenerations?

I read reviews on Jenerations and all I kept reading was how comfortable Jen makes her clients and how everyone felt after their shoot and how amazing their pictures looked. I knew it was something I wanted to do for myself more then for my fiancé.

Where did you shop for your shoot and what inspired your outfit choices?

I went to Victoria’s Secret and Fredrick’s of Hollywood for my outfits. I think I spent more money on outfits then I did on the photos. I went with outfits that I felt comfortable in and felt confident in. I also went with various colors because I had no idea, which colors would look good in pictures or look good on me.

What were your thoughts/Feelings/expectations leading up to your shoot?

I was so super excited to go to the shoot. I walked out of my house with 2 shopping bags full of outfits and shoes to choose from. I knew that no matter what my fiancé would love the pictures the main question was going to be whether I would like the pictures or not.

Tell us a little about your experience at Jenerations – please include thoughts about hair/makeup if you had it done here as well.

I was so comfortable from the moment I walked into the office. First I dumped my two bags of clothes on the table and told Jen pick away. That was my best decision. Jen was like this outfit and this outfit we will work with this background and the white spread on the bed. Going in with no idea of what I wanted to wear or what photos I “needed” to take was perfect. [Though I really wanted to do the shoe heel in the panties and loved the way it came out]

While getting my hair and makeup done there was so much going on I didn’t even have time to be nervous. There were conversations going on, cookies being baked and gorgeous children hanging out too.

I felt like a princess getting my hair and makeup done at the same time. When I finally looked in the mirror I was like who is that LOL it so didn’t look like me and I loved the way I looked.

How was it to see yourself for the first time in the photos?

Jen would give you a sneak peek at a few photos when she was taking them. It wasn’t until she uploaded them that I was like WOW is that really me? I never thought I would look like that. I really felt amazingly beautiful for one of the fist times. I actually saw what my fiancé sees every time he looks at me. I wanted to keep every single photo that was taken.

How did you feel after your shoot was over?

I didn’t want to leave at the end of the shoot. I was kind of like “wait I have more clothes, I will do some more photos” I was so tempted to book another shoot at that very moment. [I will be booking one in 2012 for sure] I was so excited I got in the car and called my girlfriend right away to share with her how amazing the experience was.

If you gave the photos as a gift, can you share what kind of reaction they received?

I actually received a teaser picture by email from Jen and was blown away by it. [The pink outfit one on the white bed is amazing] I actually text messaged it to my fiancé without a message. He called me 2 min. later and was like OMG is that you? I said yes. He was then speechless and told me to hang up so he could look at it again. When I got home he was questioning me about the whole thing. He actually thought I had sent him a picture of a model. I told him the album was on its way with more pictures.

When the album came the smile on his face was amazing. He was ready to book me another shoot that day. He was amazed at the pictures and could not stop looking at them

Has doing a boudoir shoot changed anything about you? Your view of yourself? Anything you can share on this topic would be great!!

I truthfully never thought I would think I was a knockout after the shoot I am amazed at how I looked. I do not wear makeup on a daily basis and I am a brush and go kind of girl with my hair. Seeing what I can look like with some makeup and some hairspray gave me a whole new light on my self.

Truthfully this is something every woman should do for them self at least once in their life. It truly is life changing.

Is there any advice you can give future clients on how to rock their shoot, or clients who want to do a shoot but maybe are too nervous or shy?

Trust Jen…. do not go in with expectations go in with an open mind. I have never read a bad review of her work. Every photo I have seen on her website and others has been amazing. Let yourself have a great time and remember whoever you are giving these photos to, whether it be your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, partner or just doing it for yourself, who ever it is loves you the way you look right now. Just think how much more they will love you with some make up and some hairspray.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Jenerations is amazing! Truly a company that cares about her clients!

Thanks for sharing with us Jennifer! We can’t wait to see you in 2012!!

Please don’t forget to comment and leave Jennifer some love in your comments.

Have a Sexy Day,

4 Replies to “Feature Friday – an Upclose and Personal Peek at a Boudoir Shoot.”

  1. I love it,maybe I even have a chance to look all glammed up, haha need to lose major weight first :-0

  2. I love seeing these! Love the before/afters and what make a woman want to do these 🙂 I have one in the works and I can’t wait to read her reaction to the questions!

  3. I love your images and your website is so fun! Looking forward to getting to know you on our boudoir group 🙂

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