From Hairdresser to Boudoir Bombshell!

Ladies and Gents, I could not be more excited or proud to finally reveal the photos of Tara! Tara is our amazing, talented hairdresser and friend. She spends so much time making everyone else beautiful – so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to make her feel the same. Introducing….Tara! (Yay!!)

~ After working with all the girls doing their hair, what inspired you to do your own boudoir shoot?

Ummm…. Jealousy! No, but seriously after seeing all the fantastic pictures Jen has taken, I couldn’t wait to do a shoot myself. Some of the transformations are simply amazing! When I say transformations, I mean both inside and out. I have seen some woman walk in feeling very self conscience, or shy and leave feeling more beautiful and confident than ever. Every time I would see a girls photo, I truly wanted to look and feel as great as they did. Some of these girls look like models from a magazine and I wanted to look like that. I wanted to look and feel sexy.

~ Where did you shop for your shoot?

I actually shopped in my own lingerie drawer. Hehe!! I am a very busy, working mother of twins and a complete procrastinator. I kept telling myself that I had plenty of time to go shopping and well the night before I realized I was never making it to the store. So I checked my drawer and honestly I had plenty. I had some baby dolls, bra and panty sets, and corsets. Things I had no clue I even had!! I don’t think I wore any of these things since my honeymoon 4 years ago. My cousin also lent me a very cute outfit which actually turned out to be my favorites!

~ What inspired your outfit choices? I tried to pick outfits that i was comfortable in. Taking these picture can be a little nerve wracking, so I didn’t want the added stress of not feeling comfortable. I know what body parts I like, and which ones I don’t so I tried to pick outfits that worked best with my body. I think every girl should do the same.

~ What were your thoughts/feelings/expectations leading up to the shoot?

I was a so nervous! You would think being that i know Jen and have worked with Jen for a while that I would be fine, but I think that actually made me MORE nervous! I knew Jen would take amazing pictures and that the end result would be great, but I was just so nervous about being a good client.

~ Tell us about your experience shooting

Jen is amazing to work with. She is so professional and completely puts you at ease. I was really nervous when we first started shooting and my face was very tense, but she knew the right things to say to make me relax and really enjoy my shoot. Because I work with Jen and we are friends I think I forget sometimes that this is her profession. Once I realized that and was able to completely trust her and let go, I really started to have fun. She’s amazing at what she does and knows the exact poses for your body.

~ How was it to see yourself the first time in the photos?

Honestly, it was a little strange but a good strange. I have seen other woman’s pictures so many times, but to see myself was different. There were so many times that I just couldn’t believe I was looking at myself! They were gorgeous! Is not that I think I’m ugly or anything, but it’s not like I go around thinking I’m beautiful either. Sometimes i think it’s hard for woman to look at themselves and feel gorgeous, but when I was looking at these pictures It was easy, I truly felt beautiful.

~ How did you feel after the shoot was over?

I didn’t want it to end! It was so much fun! I wasted time in the beginning by being nervous. When I started to really loosen up and have fun, it was over. If I can give the girls any advice it’s please don’t be nervous!!! enjoy your shoot! Let loose and don’t take yourself so seriously.

~ If you gave the photos as a gift, How was the reaction when the gift was given?

My husbands reaction was better than I ever expected! I gave the photos to him as a gift for no particular reason, so he was completely not expecting it, which made it even more fun. When he opened the album and started flipping through the pictures he was in awe. He absolutely loved them! He kept saying how lucky he was that his wife did this for him. ( little does he know I think I did it more for myself. Sharing the album with him was just an added bonus..hehehe) But honestly, I’m a working mother of 2 who spends majority of her time home in sweat pants and a pony tail, so I cant blame him for completely loving these pictures!!!!

~ Has doing a shoot changed your perspective of yourself?

Absolutely! It made me feel prettier, sexier and less critical about myself. Life is short. Doing this shoot Was not something I thought I would ever do, but I am so happy I did. I even find myself wearing my lingerie a little more!

~ Is there anything additional that you would like to share with us?

Yes, I just want to say that I truly feel that every woman should have this experience. We are all so critical of ourselves. We deserve to have an experience where we get to see ourselves as the beautiful sexy woman we really are! Jen is amazing as what she does. This business is her heart. Every picture she takes of you, is a reflection of her as well. She will make you look and feel as sexy as you are. Remember ladies, don’t waste the sexy!!

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  1. All I can say is WOW! The photos are spectacular. Great job and gorgeous model. #womenhelpingwomen

    CEG & Founder
    TheGirlfriendGroup and

  2. Love the angles and perspectives. Super sexy images, loved them! I also loved reading the ‘interview’. What a fabulous idea! It’s nice to hear what the subjects thoughts were about the shoot. Fabulous work! Stunning Mom of two *sighhh* jealous. : )

  3. Wow! These are amazing! I just love the brightness of this set. And your hairdresser is gorgeous!

  4. She looks amazing. Love your style Jen. Its so fresh and sassy and th girls always look awesome!

  5. Great work! I loved the images and the interview along with it. Excellent job !

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