I love my boudoir studio, I really do! Its fun and urban glamourous (yes I made that up!) and everything a photographer can ask for. I also love pizza….but if I had pizza for dinner every night, certainly I would get bored of it. That is sometimes how I feel about my studio. Even though I love it, I do sometimes need a change of pace. 

I discovered this beautiful location in Brooklyn, NY. I was very intrigued by the details of this apartment. The gorgeous antiques mixed with soft, warm light. To shoot there was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.This year, I would love to break away from the studio a bit more. Try new places, and not just with models when I shoot for myself, but with clients too. How amazing would it be to scout out a new location and have a totally original shoot that expresses who you are as a woman? I can’t wait to discover more locations around the NY area this year. If there is somewhere you want to shoot – let me know! I can’t wait to see what we can create together. 

A special thank you to my amazing model Jesse as well as my makeup and hair team Diana and Toni who are always incredible and fun to work with!