Intimate Photography | Where there is SMOKE there is FIRE!

Back in February I was so fortunate to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the crew at creativeLIVE. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to work with other boudoir photographers from around the world to help them build their businesses.

One of the segments that we spoke about was stylized shoots. This is when photographers come up with a concept, stylize it and shoot it. We do this for fun of course, but in addition we do it to flex our creative muscles and to push ourselves to step outside our comfort zones.

I shot a live stylized shoot on creativeLIVE. The shoot was based on the theme of smoke. I have to thank my cL audience member Lauren for the idea. It is a killer idea – the ONLY problem is, we couldn’t actually smoke in the studio we were in. So – enter some fabric and creativity and we used smoke as the inspiration. (Yeah, ok we also busted out a smoke machine which was surprisingly a TON of fun!)

Thank you to Nikoma (The best makeup/hair artist in Seattle!) and Sarah (the most amazing model!) for making our vision come true!

If you are a photographer, new or old – you MUST check out creativeLIVE. It’s an incredible resource no matter where you are in your career.

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10 Replies to “Intimate Photography | Where there is SMOKE there is FIRE!”

  1. Hello NY! I watched you shoot these! She is beautiful and you did a fantastic job. Thanks so much I learned a lot. I did the tulle in the embroidery hoop thingy and it worked great, thanks.

  2. Excellent class! I took it on CreativeLive. I’m mostly food photographer, and I shoot events and some weddings. but the theme about boudoir is amazing, so beautiful and wow what a nice experience!

  3. Buying this course from CL changed my boudoir business in every way. From the structure, pricing, posing and how I view the clients experience. I would recommend it to anyone!

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