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I have a confession. I have been sitting on an idea for quite some time. It’s a new concept if you will. It’s one that means so much to me that I have been frozen on how to create it.


That’s so out of character for me. I am usually the fearless, take no prisoners type of girl. So why is this a challenge? I’ve been struggling with this question for months now. At 5am this morning it hit me. It’s because it means SO much to me. It is what all my work with women has lead to for all these years. It’s the core of my being. It’s revealing my struggles and leaving me wide open and vulnerable. It feels like weakness, it is however it’s purpose requires great strength.

It’s #ShamelesslyFeminine.

No, the hash tag isn’t new. I’ve used it before. However today I use it differently and with purpose.Today it is the start of a movement.  A mind shift. A freedom that women need and deserve.

I took this wording from a blog post I wrote last August:

I believe femininity is Vulnerable not Weak.
I believe femininity is Self confident not Arrogant.
I believe femininity is Fearless and also Humble.

I’m embarrassed that I posted that. You are probably asking why, since after all it is beautiful and strong. At least that is what I thought when I wrote it. The truth is, reading it today… I realize I am making apologies. Why? Why do we do that as women. Why would it be so horrible for me to just say that femininity is self confident. PERIOD. Without having to apologize for it. Why do I have to defend that vulnerability isn’t weakness?


Shame is why. Shame is sadly what we are made to feel as women. We feel shame for being strong, vulnerable, working, staying home, being sexual creatures, taking care of ourselves, not taking care of ourselves…In fact I can make a list miles long about all the things that we feel shame for. Every woman I know, including myself, has felt shame  that revolves around her femininity at some point in her life. (Not surprisingly, by the way, usually by another woman.)

That ends today.

Today I start the journey to discover how to live my life #ShamelesslyFeminine. Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps. It sounds so liberating. When I close my eyes and think of a life like that it just feels more whole and authentic. A life I want to live.

I am going to start this movement by declaring this:

I believe every woman should celebrate her unique femininity, SHAMELESSLY! 

No apologies necessary.

I am #ShamelesslyFeminine and ladies, I want you to  join me! Take the first step with me. It’s very simple. Start by tweeting or putting on Facebook (or any other social media) a simple statement about what you believe shamelessly femininity is. It can be one line, one paragraph or one word. Hashtag it #ShamelesslyFeminine. (Feel free to tag me as well if you want me to see it! Twitter is @jenrozenbaum)

Let’s live the life we deserve. Let’s stop shaming women and allowing others to shame us. Being a woman is nothing to be shameful of.



9 Replies to “Jen Rozenbaum | #ShamelesslyFeminine Starts TODAY!”

  1. This is fantastic and so very, very true! I have been made to feel silly for being feminine and wearing flowers in my hair. It doesn’t stop me but the thoughts and comments are still made. And not just about that but about so many of the things on your list.

    Thanks Jen, you’re awesome! ♥

  2. Obviously I’m a guy and you wouldn’t expect a comment from me. The only thing more stunning than your photography is your passion and the way you express yourself. You’re helping to raise the bar on so many different issues of self-esteem, passion, creativity and art. They’re all building blocks and what makes Jen Rozenbaum a teacher, artist, friend and inspiration. I love what you’re doing and couldn’t be more proud to have you as a friend. You inspire all of us to raise the bar on who we are, male or female.

  3. I am strong, I am intelligent, I am handy with a powerdrill. I take out the trash, do the yard work and fix the house.

    I have long hair and wear high heels. I will wear a dress anytime, anywear.

    I am petite and girly and single. I do not need rescuing. I do not need to be taken care of. Please do not dismiss me as just a pretty gal.

    Walk along beside me.

  4. HELL YES! This is so fantastic. For the most part, I feel like I’m very true to myself. I feel strong and unwilling to compromise who I am for what people think I should be. Even still, there’s shame. Shame if I want to get a manicure, because that somehow makes me less strong. A FREAKING manicure. If I want my nails painted, dammit, I’m going to get my nails painted. Of course, that’s a very superficial example, but your idea of the shame we feel struck a cord with me. From now on, I’ll be #ShamelesslyFeminine.

    Thanks for this.

  5. For all you ladies, a celebration of beauty and self freedom:

    “Shamelessly Feminine”- Poem

    She is an errant Angel sent to make captive my mind,
    Not any kind of Angel, but one with an intriguing spark.

    A spark that is as a metamorphosis of her angelic form,
    Created to melt the inner part of my soul.

    Maybe it was the radiant refection of the sunset caressing her face,
    Or the touch of the ocean breeze playing with her undulated hair.

    Perhaps it was her sweet taste of dark chocolate and red wine,
    The truth is that she is Shamelessly Feminine with an intriguing spark.

    Let me catch the glow of power from your glorious presence,
    Show me the beauty that has shaken all my senses.

    Let me brush with light the Canvas of your skin
    and prove that you are Shamelessly feminine, Yes indeed!

  6. This is amazing, Jen! I have to tell my daughter — she’ll love it!

    What is being #shamelesslyfeminine to me? Being strong. I do not apologize for being strong, despite that way too many women I know openly equate being strong with being a bitch. That’s just wrong. “Nice person” does not equal “doormat”. I have been vulnerable, loyal, patient, nurturing, sweet, creative, a leader, and even formidable when necessary.

    Thank you for launching this new movement, Jen! Let me know how I can help you share it!

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