LI Boudoir Photographer | When I Feel Like My Eyes are Crossed

You know that feeling when you are running in circles and you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. Life is busy and you aren’t taking time to smell the roses.

Yeah, we all do!

Right now I am putting my finishing touches on my workshop at Unique Photo tomorrow (thank you to Sigma and Westcott for sponsoring the event!). As I was working on it, my 4 year old asked me to take him to the pool today (it’s only 100 degrees after all!). So I am going to finish and take the boy to the pool and enjoy my free time.

I have to thank my little man for reminding me that when my eyes are crossed, to take some time out for me and have some fun. Oh and I have to also thank him for reminding me why I don’t photograph kids!!

Enjoy your day!

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