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Spring has sprung. (Or so they say. I am still waiting for the nice weather to show up!)

Warm weather or not, I am already in the spring cleaning mode. There’s nothing I love more than getting rid of the old and sprucing up my home and studio.

That includes updating the lingerie pieces I keep at the studio. I don’t keep a large wardrobe, just some simple, inexpensive items that I can offer a client in a pinch. (You know, when they don’t show up with the right wardrobe. Ugh!)


My Favorite Lingerie Items for Boudoir Shoots


Amazon (believe it or not) is a great place to shop for these items. In fact, I bought one for my personal collection this week! When it showed up, I instantly fell in love and bought it in a second color!

Click here to check it out.

Here are a few other items that I love:

This robe is PERFECT to wear over a bra and panty set. I do that when the set doesn’t fit properly or when the client wants a little more coverage.


I have so many clients that worry about what their arms look like. No problem with this long sleeved lacy number.

Want a little more coverage but still want to show off your clients shape? This is the answer.

The waist is usually the smallest part of the body. Accentuating it is KEY! The ribbon on this teddy does just that.

No matter where you shop, remember you don’t have to spend a lot to make your clients look like a million bucks!

Robe over bra and panty set | Best Lingerie picks for boudoir sessions


Are you ready to find out my all time favorite lingerie item for a boudoir shoot?


My favorite piece of lingerie that clients wear is not lingerie at all. Watch the video below to find out WHAT it is and WHY this is my fave item for women to wear to boudoir shoots:

— they’re flattering on different body types

— they show off a woman’s shape without showing a lot of skin, which is great for women with stretch marks or scars because it allows them to show off their beautiful body and still feel comfortable

— they come in a lot of different styles, from lace to cotton and everything in between

— they’re affordable…which means clients have more to invest in their prints.


Want some ideas on where to purchase a bodysuit for boudoir shoots?


– Forever 21

– American Apparel

– Yandy


Here’s some recommended pieces that I love:


– Sheer and beautiful

– Girly and sexy

– Body suit meets lingerie


Happy Spring,


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Favorite Lingerie Items for Boudoir Shoots