NY Boudoir Photographer | 30 day Photo Challenge

OK, I admit it. I am bad about blogging. I don’t always understand why, because if you know me, you know I have A LOT to say! 😉

Truthfully I guess it’s the time that it takes to dedicate to it. I don’t always have the time, but I love my blog and I feel a little bad about neglecting it. (ESPECIALLY because I have so many photos of gorgeous women to share.)

The next 2 months are the busiest Jenerations has ever seen. We are so excited about it, but I would be crazy to think I will have more time to dedicate to the blog. But to celebrate all the amazing women that keep us going around here, I decided to attempt a 30 day blog challenge.

We are going to post at least 30 photos in 30 days! Sometimes once a day, sometimes more – but I really want to share at least 30 photos with you guys in the next month.

I would absolutely love and greatly some comments and support to help me with the challenge over the next 30 days.

To start….meet Ms. R – she’s a makeup artist (and an awesome one at that). She came to celebrate her new single status. I get the feeling after sharing these photos, men will be lining up at her door!

I loved her purple eye shadow so I totally wanted to run with. Up with the purple backdrop!

Have a Sexy Day,

2 Replies to “NY Boudoir Photographer | 30 day Photo Challenge”

  1. Gorgeous pic!!!!! the combination of her eye make up and the backdrop make this pic so vibrant…I luv it!!!

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