NY Boudoir Photographer | A little “Love the Dress” Fun!

I’ve been married almost 7 years but I can remember so vividly many amazing details from my wedding day as if it were only yesterday. The smiles, the tears, the fun!

One of the things I remember most fondly is my dress. Only once in your life do you get the chance to wear such an opulent, show – stopping dress. I also remember not being able to wait to get the dress off after 10 hours in that thing. I think it weighed more than I did!! lol.

I would LOVE to wear my dress again. Maybe in a less formal environment this time around. Have some fun in the dress, kick around without the care of it looking perfect, or getting dirty. I am sure many of you have heard the term “trash the dress”. I prefer to call it “Love the Dress”. I mean I LOVE my dress…and I want to show it love by taking it out on a play date.

Enter the most gorgeous lavender farm in the world (and the ONLY one on Long Island), Lavender By the Bay.

Ok so maybe I am partial, because my in-laws own the place, but really – it’s so amazing. During the bloom (which is now!!), there are acres and acres of gorgeous lavender plants in bloom. It makes for an amazing sight, and even more amazing smell. It’s truly a must see (and a great day trip).

So are you thinking what I am thinking? Lavender farm + Love the Dress = a totally fun, and yummy smelling photo shoot idea!!

Here is a little teaser – I hope to post the rest this week!

Have a Sexy Day,


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  1. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS PIC!!!!!!!! Today my fiance and I actually went to the farm (thanks to you for the info!) and seriously the place is amazing!!!! as soon as we pulled in, we were able to smell such a lovely fragance in the air, we were told we could pick our own lavender and we were sooo excited we didn’t even know where to begin lol! the bees were everywhere, but they didn’t bother us at all, I guess they were too busy collecting pollen for their honey, which by the way there was none left! the first thing I asked the person at the counter was for lavender honey and they were all sold out =( I guess I have a good reason to go back =D Thank you Jenn for sharing such an awesome place with us =D

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