NY Boudoir Photographer | BBQ isn’t the only thing HOT in KC!!

I often get asked what I do in my free time. Usually my response is, WHAT FREE TIME? Between my family and my business I don’t often get a break. That is part of why I love teaching photography so much. It allows me a few days away from my business and family responsibilities to connect with other photographers, and shoot without any responsibility to a client. Shooting for yourself and trying new things is so important to stay fresh and creative. It’s something I don’t do enough of, but I promised myself after this event that I would at least once a month. I was reminded at After Dark Education last week why I love photography so much, and that it can still be a hobby and a business at the same time.

After Dark Education is one of the best, most fun, outrageous way to educate yourself about all aspects of photography. If you are a photographer, with any amount of experience – there is something to be learned by the amazing mentor team. This time around we were in Kansas City. I was blown away by the locations people found and how creative everyone got.

I taught classes that ranged from posing, to how to give your client the best high end experience you can. Sometimes it’s what happens between the classes that is just magical. A few women that wanted to learn more and spend some time experimenting and I grabbed a model, an Ice Light (click here for a review of the ice light) and made our way up to my room. I wanted to just play, I wanted a more editorial feel. Grungy glamour. Here is what we ended up with. I think it’s pretty hot – and it was SO easy.

Thanks for modeling Lindsay!!

Stay Sexy Everyone!

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  1. Love this, Jen!

    Thank you so much for everything at After Dark!! Your business and marketing pods were invaluable to me, especially the “Creating a High End Experience” pod. You’re an amazing teacher and I can’t wait to work with you again! Next time, I’m going to do all of your shooting segments! Yay!


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