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It’s been such a busy summer here at Jenerations, in fact it’s our busiest season yet! We are meeting so many amazing women. This week we worked with Ms. P. She came in a gorgeous girl for sure…but wow, the beauty team here really vamped her up to turn her into a sexy diva!

Ms. P had an amazing reason to take boudoir photos. In her words, it was just for fun!

That’s the amazing thing about boudoir – it IS fun. I know so many women are so nervous- or even downright scared, but really – there is nothing to be scared of.

Ms. P was nervous for sure, and told us that she was certainly stepping out of her comfort zone. Even though she was nervous she really gave it her all and fully embraced the experience.

It’s really shows in her photos how her nerves flew out the window in just a few minutes and she had a blast!

So many women tell us, when they get married they will come in for a shoot, or when they have someone to give the photos to. Well – you do have someone to give the photos to, YOU!

What an awesome, amazing gift to give to yourself!

Thanks for a fun day Ms. P! You are a beauty!!! (And thanks to Tara and Diana for doing an amazing job on her hair and makeup).

Have a Sexy day!



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