NY Boudoir Photographer | Goooood Morning America!

We are SOOO excited to be featured on Good Morning America today! Thank you so much to the whole GMA crew who were totally amazing!!

They came last week to tape a shoot at our boudoir studio in Long Island City. It was a blast. If you have yet to see the piece you MUST see it. It was fantasic!! HERE is a link!

Lisa was our amazing client that day. She walked in looking adorable!

Of course Diana and Tara worked their magic on her.

We started with a soft, pretty look. Tara put extensions in her hair and curled it up. Diana started with some softer makeup to match the look.

Next we went with hair up and a little bit of a darker look on the eyes.

Last we went with a more edgy look. Tara took the extensions out and straightened her hair. Diana went super dark on her eyes and broke out the red lips (love!).

Thank you for such a fun experience Good Morning America!!!

Diana and Tara and Lisa – you guys were so amazing and I am so glad I had this experience with you.

Three cheers to Boudoir and how it awesome it makes you feel (and look!!!) If you saw us on GMA and liked what you saw – make sure you leave us a comment below. We would LOVE to hear from everyone!!

Here are more photos from the shoot…enjoy! xoxo

Have a SEXY day everyone!!!


21 Replies to “NY Boudoir Photographer | Goooood Morning America!”

  1. Thanks for the shot in the arm for the Professional photography industry! I don’t do boudoir photography but love the art of it! As professionals, we all need to find ways to educate and inspire the public to seek out our services. Way to go!

  2. You are simply amazing! Oh and I need that butterfly ring she is wearing! I’m not kidding! I call dibbs! Where did that come from?!! You know how I am about my bulky rings!!


  3. Wow – seriously, you are killing it! Congrats on such amazing work and well deserved recognition.

  4. These are gorgeous as always! You are beyond amazing!! Congratulations and all the best in your journey ahead! xo

  5. Congrats, Jennifer!! This is so amazing and I love the pics. They cover such an amazing variety. So cool!

  6. Yo girl- I’m so EXCITED for you! YOu rocked it! I’ll see you in Vegas hopefully? Please say u are coming!

  7. okay seriously can she be my body double? gorgeous job by everyone over there…as usual!

  8. Congrats! it was awesome and love these shots, and I love how she completely changes looks, does not even look like same person in the stair shots vs the red lipstick shots

  9. Oh man, I just found your work (via ShowIt’s FB page) and I already love it! I’m really looking forward to getting into boudoir photography so I imagine I’ll visit your page often in the future. Lovely! Congratulations on the feature!!

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