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One of the benefits of being a photographer in 2011 is Facebook. Through Facebook I have connected with some amazing groups of photographers from all around the country. One of the groups that is dear to my heart is a group of LI photographers that are a bunch of talented, supportive, amazing artists. Let’s call the them “Fast Trackers”. I check in with them often and really value their opinions and advice.

Yesterday, after a long day of shooting, I decided to kick back and check in with my Fast Track friends…when I saw this post:

“Guys I have to say I have been looking at a lot of people’s work lately and I even commented on this to another fast tracker but I really feel like Jen from Jenerations could take a Mr. Potato Head Doll and make it look sexy and sultry.”

I was extremely flattered and humbled to read this. It came out of nowhere – I wasn’t expecting it…isn’t that always the best kind of compliment? (Thank you Charles for making my day – week – month!)

Now there is one thing you need to know about me. Clearly when Charles made that comment he didn’t know that I never shy away from a challenge. Ever.

Now, I have seen a few photographers work with Barbie dolls, but a potato head? Hmmm…is it doable?

The only way to know is to try! So within 10 minutes, there I was putting together a Mrs. Potato Head doll, ready for her first boudoir shoot!

Drumroll please…….

Her husband is a construction worker…so she wanted to wear a hard hat. She’s slightly orange – maybe a little too much spray tan, but overall – I think she looks like one hot potato, what do you think?

Have a Sexy Day!


9 Replies to “NY Boudoir Photographer | One Hot Potato!”

  1. lol! jen, this is pretty sexy! such a cute idea!
    mr. potato is totally going to lose it when he sees these shots 😉

  2. Jen…So funny! I was laughing aloud at my desk! GOOD JOB!

  3. Also LOVE how you have so much fun doing what you do!! It’s awesome!

  4. OMG that is Ah-mazing……check out her pearl bracelet!

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