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I love boudoir! I love everything about it. I remember after my first boudoir shoot, I ran home to my husband and exclaimed: “I know what I want to be when I grow up!!”.  From that day forward I dedicated myself to learning everything about photography and building my business.

On January 11th, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the home of Natalie Licini Photography. Her studio is a gorgeous mansion on Staten Island named Casa Belvedere. Natalie organized a wonder event called the Tri-age. The tri-age was open to photographers of all skill levels. The point of the day was to learn new and awesome photography skills. Learn from the instructors and of course, learn from each other.

I taught the boudoir section, Natalie taught the wedding/family section, and the awesome Neil Van Niekerk taught the off-camera flash section. I asked Neil for some advice before teaching – since he is much more well versed in that area. His advice? Don’t let them see you sweat.

Good advice Neil – thanks…except I didn’t sweat AT ALL!! In fact, I LOVED it!! After the event, I went running home to my husband and exclaimed: “Babe, I know what else I want to be when I grow up – a TEACHER!!”.

I truly want to thank you all who came, who listened to me – and hopefully learned from me as well. I appreciate the love notes you all sent me after the tri-age, and I hope you all keep in touch and rock on with your bad selves. I also hope you will join me for future learning experiences.

A special thank you to my girl Feuza Reis who snapped some pics of me teaching and showing off posting techniques.  Love you!


Today, I am honored to share some photos that the attendees captured at the tri-age. Please make sure you leave them some love! Many of them attempted boudoir for the first time, and really rocked it!


These first photos were captured by Jessica Crespo. I love the moodiness of the BW post processing and how she used the mirror to create a really unique image. Great job Jessica, especially when there were about 30 people in the room!!

This image is the work of Michelle Khordos. What a unique angle!! This proves the point that not only do you have to move around your subject – but you can also flip the images in post processing for a different view! Awesome Michelle!

The next three images are by Feuza as well. My favorite is the black and white. The way you use the light and shadows is very creative and appealing. I also enjoy that it has a sort of film quality to it.

My man Tato Arent. He has been a great supporter of mine on FB and I was so happy to finally meet him in person. He didn’t feel so hot that day – but you would never know by his images. They are smoking! I love the one on the right especially. It’s such a voyeuristic moment.


Kathy is showing us another awesome example of using angles and lines to create interest in an image. I love how you can see her eyelashes!

Andrea is having fun showing us a more fine art method of editing. I enjoy how she pulled back on this shot and incorporated the gorgeous window. It looks like a stunning painting.

Michelle Neacy shoots the most gorgeous landscape photography. This is a different type of landscape huh, Michelle? LOL I saw a whole bunch of your images and they were all gorgeous. 

The BW on this image  really makes it Michelle ! I also think it’s so fun that it’s anonymous…and mysterious!

Joe, the image on the right is just really cool. I don’t think the model could have been more than 5’2″ – 5’4″ – but you made her look 8′ tall!!

Tatiana is really telling a story here. Don’t you want to know why she is there? What she is doing? I do!! I love the viewpoint and the processing.Noa, I especially like the image of Nicole on the floor. The colors and the pose work perfectly for her. Great job! 


One of the things that I thought was most interesting about these images, and all of those I saw on Facebook was the way everyone saw the same model, the same poses, so differently. It truly shows that no one can be you! Carry on with your YOUniqueness everyone!!!

If you are interested in learning more about future boudoir learning experiences, please contact me with your email address (or leave some love and your email address in the comments below!!)

Have a Sexy Day!


16 Replies to “NY Boudoir Photographer | Tri-age boudoir shots!”

  1. Jen as a photographer who had the privilege and pleasure of being at the triage I can honestly say you are going to be one amazing teacher if this outing was any indication. Your fun easy going nature immediately put all of us at ease who had never shot boudoir before including myself. When it was time to nail a pose seeing you pose with the model told me that not only were you patient with students but truly cared about the experience your model was having as well. A fantastic job and I can not wait to see what the future holds for you.

  2. Jen, thank you sooooooo much for being such a great teacher and for sharing our photos on your blog. You rock and inspire me so much. I can’t wait for a full day workshop just with you 🙂

  3. All I can say is thank you, thank you and thank you for taking the time to spend the day with us. Your enthusiasm was contagious, your knowledge of posing, a woman’s body, light, everything was endless. Your spirit of sharing was so very appreciated! I can’t wait for you to do a workshop, I can’t wait to schedule a session with you myself! Your talent is amazing girl and I’m so glad I was able to attend, hopefully some of you rubbed off on me! Thank you again!

  4. Yay I am so honored! love these, people have such different visions and creative juices were flowing, thanks for teaching us Jen.

  5. JEN! You as boudoir photographer = perfection. You as teacher = genius. I LOVED the time I got to spend learning from you and from everyone else too! And these images are all so beautiful. I LOVE how everyone saw the same view differently. Fabulous job being such an awesome teacher. Everyone did such a fabulous job! THANK YOU again!

  6. Thank you for all of your help and the super awesome models! I had such a great time learning from you, your techniques and how to pose for sexier looks. I love your personality and your ability to teach in a down to earth way. Thanks so much for featuring me and taking the time to be with us at the Triage!!

  7. Thank you so much for posting my picture on your blog. Coming to the workshop and learning from you was an awesome experience. Thank you for being who you are (amazing personality) and I cannot wait for the next time.

  8. It’s crazy how 10 people can stand in the same exact place taking the same photo yet you get 10 different perspectives…I love it. SO much talent at that workshop that day, I’m 1,000% happy I made the choice to attend…even though I was under the weather. Jenn, you kick major butt as an instructor and a super cool chica!! I was so glad to have finally met you. Thank you again for everything and hopefully we’ll get to hang again soon.

  9. Definitely a wonderful event! I encourage all photographers to seek out learning opportunities like these. You will leave enriched. Thank you for sharing your time and talents, Jen.

  10. I would love to attend in the future 🙂 I absolutely love all these images and felt really bad that I couldn’t be there!
    You guys ROCK!!!

  11. Jennifer, thank you SO much for this wonderful experience. Being a landscape photographer branching out into portraits, I did not expect to enjoy the boudoir as much as I did. I ended up spending most of the tri-age shooting boudoir and I loved it! You are as great at teaching as you are at photography and I got a lot out of the workshop. Thank you!!

  12. I especially like the sepia-tone with the model standing by the window. Ravishing!

  13. Isn’t teaching and sharing your passion with others the best feeling?! I really enjoyed reading this post. YOU ARE ON FIRE GIRL!

  14. I had such a wonderful day with everyone and you made the day even more special Jen! I hope everyone left inspired and ready to launch 2012 into the stratosphere!

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