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Last week we had one of the busiest weeks here at Jenerations Boudoir. In addition to a bunch of individual sessions, we had 2 Boudoir Parties! The women were all amazing and I had a blast with them. We are going to feature a bunch of them on our blog – and we will start with the sweet and GORGEOUS Ms. P!

Tell us a little about you…name, age, where do you live, anything you want us to know!

My name is Isabella and I am 28 years old. I am engaged to be married next March and I can’t wait!

What inspired you to do a boudoir shoot?
I wanted to give a unique and sexy gift to my fiance

Why did you choose Jenerations Boudoir for your experience? Jen had such great reviews, and when I looked at her work on her website I saw how talented she is and could not wait to book my shoot!

Where did you shop for your shoot and what inspired your outfit choices? I shopped at Victoria’s Secret and Fredrick’s. I love black, so I knew that one of my outfits was going to be black but I accessorized with gold jewelry and shoes to add a sexier look. I especially loved my red and black outfit where I posed on the bed. It gave me a sultry look.

What were your thoughts/Feelings/expectations leading up to your shoot? I was very excited but also very nervous and anxious.

Tell us a little about your experience at Jenerations – please include thoughts about hair/makeup if you had it done here as well. When I first walked in I met Diana the make-up artist. She was so sweet and offered me a goody bag with water and treats. We talked about what my makeup was going to look like and she asked me if there was anything I disliked/liked. She did an amazing job and and the makeup in my photos was flawless. Jen and Diana both helped me pick out my outfits and you could tell that Jen was thinking of how she was going to shoot my photos as she was looking at the outfits. She is truly talented.

How was it to see yourself for the first time in the photos? I was amazed! She made me look so stunningly beautiful and after she showed me that first picture she took of me I had so much confidence for the rest of the shoot.

How did you feel after your shoot was over? I couldn’t wait to show my sisters and friends my teasers and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the pictures had come out!

If you gave the photos as a gift, can you share what kind of reaction they received. I haven’t given the gift to my fiance yet, hopefully I can wait for Valentine’s Day!

Has doing a boudoir shoot changed anything about you? Your view of yourself? Anything you can share on this topic would be great!! I have to admit I feel sexier and more confident about myself.

Is there any advice you can give future clients on how to rock their shoot, or clients who want to do a shoot but maybe are too nervous or shy? It’s natural to be nervous, but trust that Jen will make you feel comfortable and will make you look amazing! The key is to relax, and remember to practice some flirty faces in the mirror before your shoot 😉 There is no reason to be shy, Jen is so nice and completely professional.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
I think this boudoir shoot was one of the best things I have ever done for my self-esteem. I would recommend any woman of any age, shape and size to experience a Jenerations photo shoot. You will feel amazing about yourself!

Thank you so much Ms. P – It was amazing to meet you. I know your Fiance is going to flip!

Have a Sexy Day!


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  1. Love all of these! I agree, her fiance is definitely going to flip when he sees them!

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