NY Boudoir Photography | Referrals are a Gift (For You!)

So you came to Jenerations for a boudoir session and had a totally amazing time. You went and told all your friends, hoping to have them experience the same amazingness for themselves.

Today we had that exact scenario! A while back we worked with the sexy Miss C. – who loved us (and we love her too of course) so she sent Miss H. over to us as well.

Here’s the crazy part…hope you are sitting down. Did you know that BOTH OF THEM get a Free 5×7 Print just for being referred!! How awesome is THAT? We like to reward our amazing “Boudies” with fun prizes and love!

Maybe Miss H. will pick this one – she looks amazing in it!!

Have a Sexy Day!


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  1. awesome! I’ve already referred a couple of friends, great, great thing to do =D

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