I am BURSTING with excitement that Cosmo Magazine featured two of my amazing clients this month online.

To check out the article click here: COSMO!

What I love about the article is it applauds women for celebrating themselves, who they are and their incredible accomplishments. This couldn’t be more dead on to my message and why I shoot boudoir. I love women when women book a shoot with me for themselves. Yes, often they give it as a gift to a loved one…but really it’s for them first.

The first client that was featured was Maria. Maria and I clicked instantly. I can see Maria blossoming into a strong, independent woman every day. Her strength and determination is something we all reach for.

Here is what Maria experienced with me in her own words:

I had received a partial gift certificate for Jen Rozenbaum from Jenerations and my initial thought was – what in hell? Why would I ever do a boudoir photoshoot – my body is far from perfect, I don’t have that confidence to do this, I don’t even have anyone to give the pictures too. I thought it was such a waste, but I decided to contact Jen and see what it was about at least. The more I talked to her and her assistant Diana, the more I realized that I did have reasons for doing this.

At the time of the shoot, I had lost about 55 pounds over the last 4 years and prior to that, I never really felt beautiful. I never felt sexy. Hell I was never even able to fit into anything from Victoria Secret. I also never actually did anything for me. I usually always put others first, even if it wound up hurting me. So like I said – I found my reasons.

Jen and Diana also made me realize that doing a boudoir shoot for yourself is probably the best gift you can give yourself. It’s about embracing what you have, not your flaws. It’s about being elegantly feminine and classy and incredible sexy.

I had made my experience a journey to find me – the true me. To find what was hidden for so long. In the end of all of it – I felt strong and sexy. I felt like a woman. I’m not saying I completely changed my life or lifestyle around, but I am standing a little bit taller with a little more confidence of who I am. And at this point, I’ve lost a little more than 70 pounds total and I’ve already told Jen that when I get to my goal, I’m doing another shoot.


Thank you for such kind words Maria. You also gave ME more confidence and happiness. I hope we remain friends and get to work together again!!

Don’t forget to be daring and celebrate you – no matter what your challenges. It always pays off in the end.