NYC Boudoir Photographer | Dress Up and Play Day!

It was a Thursday Morning, I woke up at 6:00 am, rolled over, grabbed my phone to check my messages like I always do.

And there it was…

A small little innocent message from Lindsay Adler on my facebook wall that read, “Hey! Up for a shoot next week?”.

If you do not know who Lindsay Adler is, let me explain. Lindsay is a fashion and portrait photographer who in layman’s terms, kicks some serious ass. She’s not only a talented photographer, but I’m constantly blown away by her ability to come up with new ideas, be creative and top herself shoot after shoot. Lindsay is taking the industry by storm.

When I read the message, my first reaction was HECK YEAH! Then about 10 seconds later when I realized Lindsay was actually going to SEE the images that I took, well, that’s when the butterflies kicked in. {Shooting another photographer ALWAYS adds more pressure – shooting a GREAT photographer is a TON of pressure.}

I rolled over and woke up my husband and said “Babe, Listen to this…. I think Lindsay asked me to shoot her”. He said “You think?” And I said..”Well Yeah, I guess she did.” That was the last time we were allowed to speak about Lindsay for the whole week. Anytime my husband asked me, “So what are you going to do with Lindsay, How are you going to shoot her?” I simply told him “I do not want to talk about it.” It was a forbidden topic in our house. I knew If I let my nerves get the best of me, the shoot wouldn’t be fun for either of us.

The morning of the shoot, Diana was concerned that I was so quiet and asked me a few times if I was alright. My response was my usual, “I don’t want to talk about it”. But I wasn’t nervous anymore. I was in a zone. I knew that I could do this, and I could rock it. I tried to draw inspiration from Lindsay versus being nervous about her shoot. After all, we are both just women looking to have a fun day and make awesome images.

I have to say – we DID have a fun day. I mean a REALLY fun day. We played with different looks, poses, props. We pigged out on lunch, laughed about how silly boys are and ate a whole bunch of lollipops. {Oh and we also made awesome images in the process.}

Lindsay is gorgeous! She was eager to try anything I suggested and any look Diana and Tara wanted to try on her. I can’t wait to shoot her again!!

Love you girl!! Keep taking over the world.



6 Replies to “NYC Boudoir Photographer | Dress Up and Play Day!”

  1. Jen, these are amazing…. You did such an amazing job. I don’t think anyone has ever photograph her so beautifully.

  2. Gorgeous as usual Jen!!! LOVE these! I’m sure Lindsay will be THRILLED with these!! 🙂

  3. Oh my word! Love Lindsay! And love love love her shoot! You rocked it girl!! Amazing as always!! I can’t wait to get up to New York and have some girl time with you!! xo’s

  4. Jen, all I can say is wow. WOW!

    I am sorry you were nervous, but the results speak for themselves. Not only did I have an amazing time, but you made me feel comfortable, confident and sexy. I love the photos.

    If you’d do me the honor, I’d love for you to photograph me again sometime soon. You are an incredible woman, artist and photographer. Thanks for this gift!

    Lindsay Adler

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