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The world of photography is a fascinating one. There are so many different types of people that make up the photography industry. I love meeting them, all of them. The more people I meet the better. As artists we help each other grow. We inspire each other, pick each other up when we are ready to quit…and sometimes even photograph each other!

Last year I decided I really wanted to have my own boudoir photos taken, to experience what it was like in front of the lens. I reached out to a photographer I had heard of in Southern NJ named Dawn. Dawn is the force behind Glamour Bitch Photography. When I first reached out – as you can imagine, she was a little worried that maybe my intentions weren’t genuine. I reassured her that I really just wanted to have a fun time and be a client for change. I wanted a real boudoir experience. So she agreed.

Well – we hit it off! We instantly became friends. She had candy waiting for me when I got there (does it get better than that?)! We laughed hysterically at all the similarities between us. Not only did we have a great time at the shoot, but Dawn decided to also come to ME for a shoot. Woo Hoo!!

Thank you for the amazing experience, and the beautiful photos Dawn! You are a beautiful person inside and out. I am so glad we are friends and I hope our friendship and businesses continue to grow – and that we will always be there to support each other through all the madness!

And now, without further adieu…here are some of my photos! (EEEEK!):

And just for fun – here are some of the photos I took of Dawn! Isn’t she gorgeous?!??!






One side note….

Having my own boudoir session done was so fun, and exciting…and yes..I stressed about my body, and what to wear and the night before I felt like running from the whole idea for about 3 minutes.

I am a woman. I have body issues – I have had 2 children…I have cellulite and scars. I am not perfect.

This experience was not just to have photos taken – but to know what my clients go through and what their feelings are leading up to the shoot.

I now have a MUCH better understanding of it from the clients side. I know sometimes it is hard to step out of the comfort zone. I know because I did it, and I am doing it today again by posting the images!! But I have to tell you – I can’t WAIT to do it again. What an empowering, fun, sexy day!!!! Ladies – trust me, I can now tell you from both sides of the camera how awesome and life changing boudoir can be!!!

Have a Sexy Day!



29 Replies to “NYC Boudoir Photographer | From the Other Side of the Lens”

  1. Jenn,
    You look stunning!! Thank you for sharing your experience. As a photographer I know how important it is for me to empathize with my clients, so I applaud you for taking the time to be in front of the camera the same way you want your clients to be. It’ll only make you a more fabulous photographer than you already are. 🙂

  2. These are fabulous! You are both gorgeous! when does the “hot photogs” calendar come out? 😉

  3. I love this, amazing body by the way. This is perfect to really know how our clients feel. Some one aid if have never paid for photos our selves we are being hipocrites, and I agree, what a great experience and Dawn is hot

  4. WOWSERS – both of you look absolutely amazing!! So fabulous to have made such a great professional and personal connection.

  5. Wow! OMG, not only are you super talented, but you are also gorgeous!!! Well, I already knew you were gorgeous, but now I see that you are gorgeous underneath the clothes. Too! Congrats on your work and your amazing body.

  6. HELLOOOOOOOO MISS HOT STUFF!!!!!!! HOly Crizap!! You are one amazing looking woman!!!! HEYO! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Love love love that you did this. I have been wanting to do the same. I am starting my diet and toning up before the big day! I can’t wait to put all my vulnerability out there just as my clients do with me. We need to be able to “feel” what our clients feel and learn from that. 🙂 Horray for you!! And where the heck did you get your lingerie?? The light purple would match my brand perfectly. LOL! 🙂 Love ya girl!!! You are amazing in every way! And yes your friend is a hottie!! loved her shoot!!!!!! Kudos to you both!

  7. Jen and Dawn, you both look fantastic. Jen, I love that you reached out to Dawn and now you both have a great friendship because of it. Awesome post!

  8. Babe, you are beautiful and fierce. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. You look so great in that purple and those photos of Dawn are awesome. 🙂 Hope to see more in the future. XOXO, Tammy

  9. That’s so cool! Love the photos and love that you stepped out of your comfort zone. The BEST things happen there!

  10. You look AWESOME! I am also a photographer and recently had my maternity session done and i opted for a few boudoir maternity type shots and it was fun! I def. criticized myself when viewing the photos but like you said we should experience being on the other side of the lens! I would love to do a boudoir shoot one day, i think it would be a fun time and freeing!

  11. Wow, I guess you have to be gorgeous to shoot boudoir. Great stuff on both ends!

  12. Uhm, yeah….totally stunning!! I think you were both meant to be in front of the camera as well! And I adore that lavender number…where’s that from? Might need one of those for my next session… Great job, ladies!

  13. You BOTH look AWESOME! I haven’t had my own session done, yet, and I’m almost there…terrifying and fun all at the same time. Good for you for posting the pics, too! Fierce lady!

  14. Yay! You blogged this! What a nerve wracking experience, photographing another photographer! But really, you made it so easy. I am so happy that you reached out to me and that we became such great friends. You are a gorgeous girl (2 kids? really?!) amazing photographer (still can’t believe it me), and an awesome friend. xoxo

  15. Jen…you made me just regret that bite of chocolate I had! Gorgeous woman! GORGEOUS!!!! So brave:) xo

  16. AWESOME!! The story, the photos, the courage…everything. Very breathtaking. Thanks for sharing –

  17. Not sure if I posted long before but revisiting this I wanted to just reiterate how fabulous you are— rockin it sweetie!

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