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A few years ago my friend Lance gave me a compliment. I don’t quite remember what he said, I do however remember that my rebuttal to him involved everything but “Thank You”.

How many times have you done that? Someone tells you that your hair looks nice and you answer with “Oh please, I need a haircut” or that you look really great and you say “If I only lost a few pounds imagine how good I would really look”.

You get where I am going with this. For some reason it is hard for us to take a compliment. Maybe we assume it’s narcissistic to agree with those dishing out the compliment. Maybe we just don’t feel our best in the moment. I am sure we all have plenty of long winded reasons to deny compliments, what if you didn’t argue it…

Think about it this way, when you don’t say “Thank You” you might actually be insulting the giver.

When someone compliments you, they are showing your genuine love. They are taking time out to notice you. To make you feel good. When you get a compliment it’s because you have made someone else happy. They want to share that feeling with you. By denying the compliment you are telling that person you don’t want to share in the love. That they don’t know what they are talking about. That their feelings aren’t valid.

When you think of it that way, how can you NOT say “Thank You”?

When I am photographing a woman, I NEVER give a compliment that I don’t mean. I adore watching a woman own her femininity shamelessly. I love creating an environment that she can do that in. Seeing her flourish and say “Thank You” to me when I compliment her fills my heart and feeds my soul. Compliments are powerful for both the giver and receiver. Try it! Give a compliment today to someone, especially when they least expect it. Most importantly, say “Thank You” when you get one back.

So Lance… Thank you! For your compliments and your friendship and your awesome tour of Austin when I was in town (oh and triple thank you for the cinnamon roll pancakes that I am still burning off but were so worth it). Mostly thank you for teaching me to say “Thank You” and allowing me to enjoy in your happiness.

Thankfully yours,

PS… If you are reading this.. thank you for your love and support and know I love you so much too!).


(Thanks again to Lance for snapping this image)

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