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A few months ago, I was invited to share my knowledge at Unique Photo in NJ. I had never been to Unique prior to that event, but I was really blown away. Their showroom is amazing. Spacious and fully stocked. They are easy to get to (even for a NY’er like me!) and the owner, Matt, he’s really a great guy. He’s open to anything creatively and I just love that kind of freedom!

Sigma and Westcott both sponsored the event which meant the attendees and I all got to try different lights and lenses while shooting simply gorgeous models.

I taught about posing, lighting and how to make a woman look amazing (not only in lingerie!).

Here are some examples:

This is a posing technique I teach called “Out of body” and “In body” posing.  As you can see in the first photo the arms are outside the body lines and in the second photo the arms are in the body line. Both show off our models waist and beautiful curves.

In the first image here, although our model is making a gorgeous face, I find her hands very distracting. I asked her to move the hand that was facing me and boom! It’s immediately more delicate, flattering and feminine. These small touches truly turn good photos into great ones.

Shooting from different views with different lenses is sometimes something we forget when we are in the thick of shooting. This is an example of how I was able to get three different photos without really moving the model much at all.

Taryn, over at Unique,  made all these gorgeous sets for us to use. In all there were about 5-6 different set ups. Ten different models and multiple outfit changes. I only captured a few images since I was busy teaching, but I know the attendees filled up their memory cards that day.

If you are interested in joining me for my next event at Unique, it is May 3rd. Here is the link to sign up: JEN ROZENBAUM AT UNIQUE 

Special thank you to Matt (the owner), Taryn (Head chick in charge of workshops) and “The Daves” from Westcott and Sigma who work really hard to make me look good. (PS… These images were shot with the sigma 85mm and the 70-200mm and the Westcott Spiderlites and the Skylux. I recommend all of these highly – they are what I use in my studio and I swear by them!)



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