Recently, I made a mistake.

I didn’t know I was making it at the time. There wasn’t one clear moment of mistake making. It was more like an avalanche that started off small and gained momentum over some time. It wasn’t until I was faced with this big mess in front of me, that I realized the errors in my ways.

The big mess, well that was me (isn’t it usually). My mistake, was everyone else.

No, I am not blaming everyone else. I alone made the mistake. However it was because I was listening to everyone else.

To know anything about me is to know I always trust my gut, after all,  it’s always right.

My gut is a compass that always shows me the clearest direction. I’ve always listened to it, trusted it and been thankful for it. Sadly, the last few months, my compass has been off. When I think I am heading the right way, I’m not. When I look at the mess in the mirror, I ask the woman I see, “How did this happen?”.

I made a mistake. I let other peoples action, thoughts, opinions and comments confuse my direction. I’ve worked so hard to be on my path. My individual path. The one I have worked to identify and still continue to tweak. The path that I work so hard for and on. The one that sings to me and makes me feel whole and complete. I stepped off the damn path. Fuck.

It feels so off and icky, like turbulence on my insides. So today, I get back on the path. Holding true to me and what makes me happy and fulfilled. I made myself (the mess) that promise. To unmess myself. Listen to my gut and follow it again.

As a business owner, this is so important. We all need a reminder sometimes what we are working towards.



This has happened to me before. Getting distracted by what others are doing. Trying to compete and not knowing my place. It wasn’t until I really stopped, and listened to what my gut really truly had to say that I found my uniqueness.

This industry, in fact this LIFE is not about competition. It’s about uniqueness. Stop trying to be like everyone else, and be YOU. That’s what clients, friends, loved ones WANT from you.

Ironically, it’s not easy to just be yourself. So I will forgive myself, and continue to remember that the journey itself is indeed the destination.