NYC Boudoir Photography | There are so many reasons…

There are so many terrific reasons to have a boudoir experience. We have heard many over the years. As I mentioned last week, we made a series of videos exploring the different reasons that women book us. This week we will introduce you to Rosemarie. She decided to do a shoot because…well….maybe you should just watch to find out why. (Oh, and make sure you watch until the end – then ending is priceless!)

Introducing Rosemarie!!

Here are some photos from Rosemarie’s shoot.

I just love silly ‘Before’ photos.

Next week, another video and another amazing reason to book a boudoir session for yourself!

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3 Replies to “NYC Boudoir Photography | There are so many reasons…”

    1. Thanks so much Mark! We will be making more of them in the upcoming weeks!

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