Every year around my birthday I find myself wondering a couple of things.

1. Where did these grey hairs come from?


2. What have I accomplished this year and what do I want to accomplish going forward.

The answer to #1 I will never know, however the answer to 2 is a little easier for me but only a little.

This last year was filled with self discovery. As spiritual and zen as that sounds, I can assure you, it was not. In fact it was jam-packed with serious soul searching and facing some hard facts about myself. We all look in the mirror every day. How often do we really SEE what’s there.

As I learned, not often.

This year long path of self discovery was recently heightened by my participation in the Team-X fight club.

Don’t get me wrong. For 11 months I REALLY dug deep. I learned about myself as a person, how to work happy and to narrow in on the message I want to send with my business. I just felt like there was something missing. A chain, holding me back from freedom. That’s what brought me to fight club.

Fight club was everything you would expect it to be. Emotional, draining and did I say emotional? (I’m starting to figure out where I got my grey’s from!). It was worth every minute. I learned something that really has set me free.

I learned about femininity.

Allow me be more specific. I learned about MY definition of femininity. It may seem simple. I am a woman, I should know what feminine is. Surprisingly, I really didn’t. Because I didn’t, I was floundering in many areas of my life. I knew what LOOKED feminine and what FELT feminine but I couldn’t understand why I was always struggling with it in my life.

It was as simple as defining it that allows me to live it.

I believe femininity is Vulnerable not Weak.
I believe femininity is Self confident not Arrogant.
I believe femininity is Fearless and also Humble.

This is how I live. Wholeheartedly.

This is how I empower other women to live the feminine life they want to live. This is my mission.

Defining femininity has allowed me freedom and acceptance. Acceptance that the scale doesn’t define me. That I don’t have to put down other women in order to raise myself up. That I am whole and complete just the way I am.

It’s time we stop the civil war amongst ourselves and each other.

Back in March, I had a photo shoot done in Vegas. Prior to the shoot I had wished I was taller, thinner (I had gained 10 lbs afterall) and more beautiful. Now, I look at the photos and I see a woman who is wiser, more confident and certainly more feminine.

This year, I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. I feel excited just thinking about it.

This year I own being fearlessly feminine.

I dare you to join me!


PS… Thank you to Brian Calabrese and Craig LaMere for the beautiful photos!