I believe the true power of a woman

can never be taken away

by sweatpants and ponytails.

Let’s face it. We all get into some sort of rut now and again. It’s a lot of work to get dressed and do your makeup everyday. Often new moms don’t leave the house. More and more women work from home. Sometimes we simply just don’t have the time. Sweatpants and pony tails become our life. (Confession: I’m wearing both as I type!)

There’s nothing wrong with sweatpants and ponytails, until that is – we allow them to define us.

How did it happen that we let our pony tails and sweatpants override our power as women. Why can’t we be sexy, powerful and beautiful while wearing them. When did society decide that a mom that wears sweatpants is one that has “let herself go”? Why can’t I work in sweatpants and be just as smart and successful as when I wear a power suit?

Well, I am here today to tell you that I can be. You can be too. We are powerful creatures. Sweatpants and ponies can’t take that away from us unless… we let them.

Let’s STOP letting them!

Now is as good of a time as any to remind ourselves that we are not defined by our clothes, our bodies, our looks. No one or nothing can take away our power.


I won’t stand for that any longer.

I hope you will stand with me in showing the world that we are women,  we are beautiful. Yes, even in sweatpants and ponies.


Before you go…. I want to leave you with one more thing to think about.

What if?

What if you have let sweatpants and ponies define you, and take away your power.

Are you are ready to change that?

What would happen if you broke the mold of what you THINK you are and revealed the true you?

You know, the woman who deep down wants to LIVE her life, OWN her life, CELEBRATE her life…

If you took off the sweatpants and ponies…who would you reveal?


Certainly something to think about.


Thank you SOOO much to Toni and Diana who did an amazing job on Alina’s hair and makeup. They are both so amazing to work with in my studio and of course they do hair and makeup on their own as well. You can find them here: