Shamelessly Feminine | Cancer F*cking Sucks

A few months ago I dreamt up a new project I call #ShamelesslyFeminine. The project is all about showcasing women, their unique definition of what feminine is, and how they live it.

It’s a story telling project. My hopes are that I will shed some light on how women are all different, special and how imperative that as a society we stop shaming them. (Don’t even get me started on women shaming each other – just disgusting.)

I believe the universe is always listening. No sooner did I come up with this project did my first woman appear. She was right in front of me. The crazy thing is, I had no idea she was there.

Sandra had booked a boudoir shoot with me but had to reschedule last minute. I didn’t know why. Then one day she wrote to me that she was ready to come in and wanted to do so ASAP.
Normally I would have a pre shoot consult before a session to learn more about a client, but Sandra assured me she was ready and so I met with her a few days later.

As Sandra was getting her hair and makeup done, I was busy getting the studio ready and answering emails. I overheard a few words from her conversation with my beauty team. Words like “Seizure”, “Cancer”, “Bald spot”, caught my attention.

I asked Sandra to tell me her story.

Turns out she had to reschedule her shoot because she was hospitalized with Brain Cancer. Heart… meet throat. Her 5 year old saved her life by calling 911 after she had a seizure. Fuck.


Then Sandra continues to tell me that in her culture, you are shamed for having cancer. WHAT? First off – she used the word “shame” which almost made me fall off my chair. Secondly, shamed for having a disease that sure as shit you didn’t ask for?! This I cannot comprehend. Shame is a more widespread problem than I thought.

Sandra came to my studio with scars, bald spots and the largest amount of bravery I have even seen in a woman. She didn’t let her scars or hair loss stop her from feeling grateful and gorgeous.

I am grateful to have met her. I asked her if she wanted to be my first #ShamelesslyFeminine shoot. She proudly agreed.


Sadly, I recently heard from Sandra that her cancer is back. I KNOW she can fight. She has before. I believe the universe is always listening, and if we all send her love and support, it will hear us loud and clear.

Prayers and love and warmth to you Sandra. That you for being my first #ShamelesslyFeminine Story. You are beautiful.



21 Replies to “Shamelessly Feminine | Cancer F*cking Sucks”

  1. I’d take courage over “perfection” any day.

    Sandra, your strength is profound and your courage is something I want my daughter to see in me.

  2. This story is incredible and this work is amazing. A gorgeous tribute, Jen. Love and light to Sandra.

  3. Keep fighting Sandra!!! Stay strong and stay positive!!! I know it’s hard. I have relatives fighting cancer. You get though the tough times with positive thinking. Negativity only begets negativity.

    You can do it!!! 😉

  4. Sandra you will make it through with that gorgeous shining soul!!

  5. Sandra, you are so beautiful and brave. You are the true definition of #ShamelesslyFeminine <3 Stay strong

  6. Go Sandra!! Fuck cancer, and fuck the shaming of coincidences. I hope you look at these images daily and that they are strong for you.

  7. Absolutely beautiful. Sandra, you are gorgeous and an inspiration. Keep fighting and stay strong.

  8. Sandra is freakin beautiful! Keep fighting & living my sister! Cancer may steal your hair but I’m praying it doesn’t take your joy. May you and your family be blessed with the miracle of much more time together. And Jenn these images are AhMazing! I puppy dog love them! More please.

  9. You have nothing to feel shamed for! You are beautiful, strong, and brave. Keep fighting and we will keep praying and sending our love support. We might be strangers but we’re all human and cancer sucks! People beat it all the time. Don’t give up hope.

  10. Sandra, stay positive and strong, and know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Tune out the negativity, and keep fighting. Sending you love and strength!!!

  11. What a beautiful and strong woman, Sandra! Sending my best thoughts for your continued strength and for healing! Jen, as always, I’m in awe.

  12. thanks for your blog Jen. I am kicking cancer’s ass.. I have absolutely no intention of backing down. I’m doing well and want to book another shoot with you!!! Since this blog I traveled to the Cayman Islands, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. I’m living my life and spending time with those who I love and dismiss the cancer

    1. Sandra – I am so happy to hear from you! My thoughts are always with you my love!

  13. What a great story. But it still continues to strengthen and inspire the people around her including me. The meaning in her life brings a unique and powerful voice to this world and it here’s who struggle everyday, men and woman alike .

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