Shamelessly Feminine | Makeup Doesn’t Make You!

I love makeup. I believe lip gloss can actually change your mood, brighten your day. Sitting in front of the mirror and getting dolled up on a Saturday night makes me feel feminine, fancy.

I remember watching my Mom put on her makeup and getting ready for date nights with my Dad when I was a small child. I longed for the day that I could be grown up and be beautiful like her. Now, the times have changed and I am teaching my daughter the ropes about being a woman. Time goes so fast.

Makeup is more than just color. It’s emotional. It’s sometimes a mask. Often it’s a crutch. As much as I longed for the privilege to wear it when I was younger, I sadly find it a chore to put it on day after day.

Somewhere along the line it changed from a treat to a chore.

When I finally realized that it was a chore for me, I gave myself permission to not wear it when I didn’t want to. I am teaching my daughter that I don’t need it and neither does she. Yeah ok maybe I DO need it. I have bad skin. Rosacea, veins, and lot of ugly stuff that I shouldn’t expose other people to I guess. The truth is though, the stuff that I “should” hide – it doesn’t define me or my beauty.

What defines me… what other people see, is not my skin. It’s my strengths and weaknesses. My emotions. My love. The million other things that make up who I am, least of which is my skin.

I am not afraid to show my skin. I am not afraid of my imperfections.

I challenged other women to try the same thing. Leave the fear at the door and come in to see me. Bare and vulnerable, to let me take their photo.

What I found was amazing. Every single woman was nervous. Every woman had self doubt. Yet after a few minutes together, every single woman was SO herself. She displayed the characteristics that make her who she is. She forgot she wasn’t wearing makeup and allowed her personality shine through.








I went into the project without any expectations, just an open mind. Working with these amazing women confirmed to me that it’s ok if wearing makeup is a treat when I want it to be and not an obligation on any given day. It moved me. So much so that I was brave enough to step in front of the camera too.


Shamelessly Yours,

All images shot with the Sigma 50mm Art Lens and the Westcott TD6 plus the EyeLighter

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  1. These photos are amazing. I love that you showed so many women looking and feeling beautiful in their own skin. Bravo.

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