Shamelessly Feminine | #My40thF*ckingBirthday

Today is July 4th. Happy Birthday America! 

Birthdays are often met with great joy and celebration. We love making our friends and loved ones feel good on their special day. I wonder though, how do you feel when it comes to your own birthday?

Me, I would rather it pass without notice. No parties or hoopla for me. I hate being the center of attention and getting older is something that sadly, I am struggling with.

Today marks one month until my August 4th birthday. I am turning 40! Fucking 40! How did that happen?

I am often reminded of 40 by my growing number of gray hairs, the struggle to stay fit, and the amount of time I say to my kids, “When I was your age…”. I always thought I would be the type to grow old gracefully. Accept the grays and wrinkles and enjoy them since they were earned.

Well, now that I am faced with my own 40th birthday, I only have ONE thing to say. FUCK THAT! 

I’m not saying I won’t grow old gracefully. I just want to redefine graceful. I am going to own 40 and beyond in my own way.

Starting today and for the next month, I am going to post an image to instagram every day that represents how I feel at 40. What makes me #ShamelesslyFeminine in this time of my life.

No more hiding in the corner. This year, I am going to celebrate who I am!  Follow me on Instagram by clicking HERE! I will be using the hashtag #My40thF*ckingBirthday

Happy Birthday America – After 239 years, you are still one pretty hot chick!



PS…I found these candles – I think they might just do the trick this year!

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7 Replies to “Shamelessly Feminine | #My40thF*ckingBirthday”

  1. Forty is a great age, live the live to the full then when youre my age yo will say I wish I was fucking forty again. lol
    Love your site, take care.

  2. I’m “only” 31 yet, but already I’m torn between “omg, I’m getting old/ too old for this kind of stuff” and “Oh my, I’m 31 already and what have I achieved?!”. That being said I don’t have kids yet and it’s a topic I spend too much time thinking about right now *lol*
    Anyway, I guess getting older isn’t easy for most people, no matter how old you are *lol*

  3. LOVE this. I’m 1 year 10 months and 8 days behind you. I think I did the math right… lol how did we get here so damn fast? I remember being my little girl’s age (5) and looking at my mom wondering what it’s like to be THAT old?!? Now I am, actually older than she was as a mother and I’m in shock that the big 4-O is around the corner. My mental picture of myself is what I looked like in college then I look in the mirror and have to take a second look to realize, I am no longer the wrinkle free, endlessly energetic, can operate on minimal sleep I once was. I can’t drink red wine anymore cause it gives me headaches, Merry-go-rounds make nausiously dizzy and I find myself comparing my youth and how it used to be to how these crazy kids have it today. I have becom my mother!

    Happy almost Fu*king 40! 😉

  4. I hope your beloved throws you a kickass 40th birthday party! it is indeed a milestone time in life. You will be officially an adult. 🙂

  5. Hi Jen,

    Happy 40th birthday. No one would believe you are turning 40 because you do not look a day over 30.

    Enjoy the day. Party, celebrate, have fun.

    40 ain’t old (says the guy who will be turning 65 a few days before you turn 40).

    So from one Leo to another…HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!

  6. Dear Jen,
    I find women in their 40s to actually be the most beautiful and confident. You think you are old you are not! You are more comfortable and beautiful in your own skin than any 20 year old!
    Totally celebrate you’ve made it this far and joined the ranks of all the other 40 something beauties like Cameron Diaz,Jennifer Anniston and many,many others.

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