Today is July 4th. Happy Birthday America! 

Birthdays are often met with great joy and celebration. We love making our friends and loved ones feel good on their special day. I wonder though, how do you feel when it comes to your own birthday?

Me, I would rather it pass without notice. No parties or hoopla for me. I hate being the center of attention and getting older is something that sadly, I am struggling with.

Today marks one month until my August 4th birthday. I am turning 40! Fucking 40! How did that happen?

I am often reminded of 40 by my growing number of gray hairs, the struggle to stay fit, and the amount of time I say to my kids, “When I was your age…”. I always thought I would be the type to grow old gracefully. Accept the grays and wrinkles and enjoy them since they were earned.

Well, now that I am faced with my own 40th birthday, I only have ONE thing to say. FUCK THAT! 

I’m not saying I won’t grow old gracefully. I just want to redefine graceful. I am going to own 40 and beyond in my own way.

Starting today and for the next month, I am going to post an image to instagram every day that represents how I feel at 40. What makes me #ShamelesslyFeminine in this time of my life.

No more hiding in the corner. This year, I am going to celebrate who I am!  Follow me on Instagram by clicking HERE! I will be using the hashtag #My40thF*ckingBirthday

Happy Birthday America – After 239 years, you are still one pretty hot chick!



PS…I found these candles – I think they might just do the trick this year!

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