Shamelessly Feminine | What a Manipulator!

There’s a manipulator in my life. She’s sometimes friendly, other times she’s just downright hurtful and rude. Day after day, year after year she is my first contact in the morning.

Her energy is so strong that her mood often set my whole day into action. If she is in a good mood, it will be a a good day. If she’s feeling particularly nasty that morning, it rubs off on me and my mood is also sour throughout the day.

Often I use  her as a measure of my self worth. Which seems crazy since she is so moody herself. Over the years I seem to have put a lot of stock in her opinion. I’ve trusted her to be honest and impartial. Honest she is, impartial I am not so sure.

She doesn’t love me. This I know for sure. She can’t. She doesn’t have a heart. She doesn’t have a brain, and really she doesn’t have feelings. Yet I let her determine mine.

What the hell am I thinking?

Today I am getting rid of the manipulator. She can longer determine my mood.


I will no longer allow her to determine my self worth.


What a bitch that scale is. Yes, sometimes she tells me what I want to hear. However even that is sometimes a lie. Of all the people in my life that love me, care for me and heck – have a PULSE… why is it that I let an electronic scale have all the power. More power then PEOPLE? That’s just ridiculous.

If I gain a pound am I worth less than I was yesterday. If I lose a pound do I gain a better mood?

Sadly, the answer has been YES all these years. I am sick and tired of being on the scale roller coaster. Of course I still want to take care of myself and be healthy. Isn’t healthy emotional as well? I think it is.

So today is July 1. For the WHOLE MONTH OF JULY I am not weighing myself. I am going to take good care of myself. Eat well. Exercise. Give myself positive affirmations (something the scale NEVER does) instead. I am going to start my day with something that gives me joy, not aggravation.

I am excited to see how this changes me and my feelings about myself and my body. This is not an excuse to let myself go, instead an excuse to embrace myself for all that I am.

Sound good? Want to join me? Leave a comment in the section below and let’s check in Aug 1 and see how we all feel. Also feel free to share with those you love that are also prisoners to the scale. (Men and Women!) Let’s take back the power and declare ourselves #shamelesslyfeminine !


7 Replies to “Shamelessly Feminine | What a Manipulator!”

  1. This is great, I’M IN!!!! After having Milania 7 weeks ago I’m so concerned with losing all the baby weight (like yesterday) that I weigh myself everyday. You’re completely right that number determines my mood. I could be in a bad mood over 1 lb or even if I’m the same weight as yesterday, why let something like a number control my day when I should be the only thing determining my mood/day/happiness!

  2. Eloquently put! Imagine if when you stepped on a scale, instead of seeing a meaningless number you see a positive word of encouragement instead? Now THAT’S an invention. I’m with you on this one! #buhbyescale… I won’t miss you.

  3. You are totally right. When I moved out at my parents home I never even bought a scale and I feel so much better. It is now 8 years without a scale in my home and it is great because you learn again to listen to your body and doesn’t determine your life and mood by a technical device.

  4. This has been my life for SO long! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  5. Amen! I agree that scale is evil! I am with you Jen no scale for me

  6. It’s probably been a month since I weighed myself…I’m not sure. This is BRILLIANT. Take back the power! I’m posting this to my daughter’s FB page! Thanks. xox

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