• NYC Boudoir Photography | 30 is the new 20!

    By admin / August 21 , 2012 / 2 Comments
    Happy Birthday to Ms. D! What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a hot photo shoot?! Ms. D has so much energy and pizazz (she has to with 3 kids to run after!). We loved working with her. Check her out: Thank you so much to my beauty team Tara and Diana who made Ms. D look like she […]
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  • NY Boudoir Photography | Old Hollywood Meets 2012

    By admin / August 14 , 2012 / 1 Comment
    When I saw Ms. J I knew immediately I wanted to go with a modern day old hollywood feel for her shoot. She has the looks, the feel and all the right curves to be a hollywood starlet. Thank you to my dream team Tara and Diana who did an amazing job on her hair and makeup. Thank you Ms J. […]
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  • NY Boudoir Photography | Spicy Ms. J

    By admin / August 08 , 2012 / Comments
    Today I am excited to feature the spicy Ms. J on our blog. She is one of the amazing StripXpertease instructors that I worked with back in May. She is so fun and feisty, and she can shake some booooty let me tell you! Thank you so much Diana and Tara who did an amazing job on hair and ma […]
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  • NYC Boudoir Photography | “I just want to feel Sexy!”

    By admin / July 10 , 2012 / 2 Comments
    Today I am SO excited to share one of my favorite videos with you. Stacy is a mom of two amazing little boys. As a mom of two myself, I can relate to wanting to feel sexy again after all that your body goes through. A boudoir experience with Jenerations will certainly change your perspective about y […]
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  • NYC Boudoir Photographer | Playing with Pearls

    By admin / June 19 , 2012 / 2 Comments
    I am so excited to share more photos from my fun play day with the lovely ladies of StripXpertease. Today we are presenting Kimberly. She is the owner and founder of StripXpertease. She is not only gorgeous, but clearly brilliant! I am lusting over her hair color btw!! Gorgeous Kimberly before: […]
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  • NYC Boudoir Photographer | He’s going to LOVE this!

    By admin / June 11 , 2012 / Comments
    At Jenerations, our clients book boudoir for so many different reasons. Often, our clients want to give the gift of boudoir to that special man in their life. Brides, anniversaries, birthdays, fathers day, there is really no reason why a guy wouldn't want to see you all hot and gorgeous. This is t […]
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  • NYC Boudoir Photography | Boudoir is the new Spa Day!

    By admin / June 04 , 2012 / 2 Comments
    Last week I had such a great opportunity to work with the women of StripXpertease! StripXpertease offers a variety of fun classes from lap dance classes, to stripper fitness, to...well....we are keeping this blog PG-13 - so you will have to just go check it out for yourself. I took a class there las […]
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  • NYC Boudoir Photography | There are so many reasons…

    By admin / May 30 , 2012 / 3 Comments
    There are so many terrific reasons to have a boudoir experience. We have heard many over the years. As I mentioned last week, we made a series of videos exploring the different reasons that women book us. This week we will introduce you to Rosemarie. She decided to do a shoot because...well....maybe […]
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  • NY Boudoir Photography | All fun things happen “After Dark”.

    By admin / May 18 , 2012 / Comments
    I have worked with so many fantastic women lately. We are in wedding season after all, so we are really busy getting all the brides ready for their big boudoir reveals. There are going to be some very happy new hubbies out there!! {Which also explains why I haven't had time to blog much!} I've also […]
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  • NYC Boudoir Photography | A Ballet Beauty

    By admin / April 16 , 2012 / 11 Comments
    This was a very special boudoir shoot for me. Not only is it of a fellow photographer, but a close and special friend of mine. We will call her "Ballet Beauty". This Ballet Beauty is gorgeous. She has a wonderful personality, a warm open heart and my favorite thing of all - confidence!!! She LOVES […]
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