Take me out to the ballgame!

Happy Opening Day!! Baseball starts today, and that means one thing….Spring is here! I think? I mean, it should be. OK, OK, it’s still freezing outside…so let’s warm it up in here with some smokin’ hot baseball themed images.

Yesterday we worked with the gorgeous Ivette. She was fantastic to work with, and she confessed that the Yankee’s gear was really for her – not her hubby. She is a huge Yankee fan! Guess what, so am I…so it made me even more excited for baseball. Go Yanks!!

What made working with Ivette even more fun was her attention to detail. Check out the batting gloves she brought. We love that look (we want to add them to our closet).

Here is one more bonus shot of Ivette – isn’t she a beauty?!

Not only is today opening day, but it’s “Confession Thursday”!! It’s been a few weeks, so I am hoping you all have some confessions to share.

My confession this week….I finally felt like I made it! I have always wanted to be a leader, a trendsetter, and super creative. Well this week – it’s been confirmed. I am all of those things. Do you want to know how I know this?

Because I have officially been ripped off.

Yup, that’s right. There is someone out there (she’s a total Copy Cat – so let’s call her CC for short.) who is stealing from me. She is swiping my ideas, copying my poses and set ups, using my wording on her website, etc… Yup, that’s right. It’s time to celebrate, because I am officially being imitated. You are probably thinking, “Jen, are you crazy? You should be really mad and upset!”

I’m not going to lie. At first, I was. Upset was probably an understatement. Every single piece of my business is a piece of me. I have put thought into everything single thing I do here. There is not one detail which I haven’t touched personally. It’s taken me years to get where I am…and someone had the nerve to just simply take it. Boom. Done. No hard work put into it whatsoever. I was livid.

But then I had a few days to think about it. You know what I realized. Not only am I flattered that she is trying to imitate what I do, but I actually feel bad for her.

I feel bad that someone who considers herself creative and an artist can’t even come up with her own poses, or package names. Someone who wants to be a leader, sadly only knows how to follow. So instead of wasting energy on being mad, I am going to thank her.

Thank you Ms. Copy Cat for pushing me harder. For making me better, and forcing me to push outside my comfort zone to be different. To be even more of a trendsetter and a leader. I am sending you light and love…and hoping you can find yourself, what you are about so that you can create your business around you.

Have a Sexy Opening Day everyone!!



6 Replies to “Take me out to the ballgame!”

  1. Great post – lovely images. You can always see a class act a mile away – they take the high road…just like you.

    A brand, a product or service is an extension of the person producing it. I think people get gut feelings about a phony. Don’t sweat it and keep reaching for those stars. You’re doing fabulous!

  2. Jen, another great blog. It really got me thinking about creativity. Your talent and knack for always being a trend setter and thinking out of the box is truly your renewable resource. You have always had it and will always have it. As long as you’re taking a breath, your creative juices and cutting edge marketing ideas will be ever flowing. This C.C or Copy Cat, as you so aptly call her, has to always find new sources to rip off. Whether it is stealing other people’s photos or your poses, package names (c’mon are you kidding me she couldn’t come up with her OWN names for her packages?) or even website verbiage, she always needs to be on the prowl for new creative sources to rip off.

    I did see the website, and it has the elements that she ripped off from you, but it is way diluted, not as interesting, and quite frankly the pictures show a definite lack of talent. So to sum this up, she has a lack of talent, lack of creativity and lack of integrity. Like you, I feel sorry for her. It must be awful to be her. Keep doing what you’re doing. Like one of my mentors used to say to me “she is a pimple on the ass of progress! “

  3. Bravo Jen! And yes you are a leader and your works makes so many people feel great about themselves. Thank you for sharing your dedication and talent with us all!

  4. Jen – great blog today. Love the pictures. And wanted to also say, love your attitude with CC as well. take that flattery and run with it. You do amazing work, and you are so incredibly creative. Love the attitude you have with CC!!

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