The Woman’s Photographer | Vegas Baby!

It’s been some time since I blogged. I can promise you that it is because there are so many new and exciting things happening here at JENERATIONS.

First, you might have noticed we removed the word “Boudoir” from our logo. Fear not. We are still shooting boudoir and LOVING it!! I spent 4 days last month in Vegas at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference. I spent a great amount of time talking to and learning from other photographers. It occurred to me there that the word boudoir might scare some wonderful women away, and there is a good chance it doesn’t completely encompass what I do.

Here is what I am.

I am THE Woman’s Photographer.

I don’t want to just shoot you in undies. I think nudes are fabulous, I think clothes are fabulous, I think shooting you with your lover is amazing. Do you want a portrait with your best friend, or your sister…awesome! Do you want to do a boudoir shoot – and your best friend does too, but at the end we take some photos of you guys together in jeans and T-shirts? You got it!

I am a boudoir Photographer.
I am a glamour Photographer.

I am fashion influenced and I will make you look like you just stepped out of a magazine.
I can make your visions come true.

I work with ALL women and truly believe all women are beautiful and complex in a way that is extraordinary.

I AM THE Woman’s Photographer.

I would invite you to reach out to me. Start a dialogue about a shoot you may have envisioned. Or even ask me more questions about our studio and our visions.

I am excited about the new opportunities for me and for you!

{And Because I don’t believe in posts without photos…here are some of the images I captured at the Soup2Nuts Workshop I taught with the incredible Trevor Dayley.} I guess what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay there!

Love you all!!


7 Replies to “The Woman’s Photographer | Vegas Baby!”

  1. These images are so beautiful! And I love that you’re modifying your business name to better encompass ALL that you do. Like it or not, not everyone understands what boudoir photography is and like you said might be scared off by that title. Good for you, girl!

  2. GORGEOUS!!! I heart you so much Jenn and feel so blessed to have been able to connect with you in Vegas. You are beyond amazing and I am so happy for your changes! What inspires me the most about you is how well you know yourself and articulate your passion. Thanks! E> Courtney 😉

  3. Beautiful. Really love the blog collages! I can see how these images fit right into a book. Lovely.

  4. Ummm wow. Goes to show that we photographed the same scenario but with each photographers eye the images can be totally different. Your stuff is amazing!! Thanks for a fabulous 3 days of packing our brains with knowledge and thank you EVEN more for allowing me to leave with a friendship that I hold dear to my heart. I love you girl!!!

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