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Welcome to my home on the internet. Whether you are a photographer, breast cancer survivor or a shamelessly feminine® woman – you are in the right place! Feel free to browse below and choose which topic suits you best.

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Boudoir Photography

Are you a woman who is looking for your own photoshoot with me? I encourage you to explore my client website, Jenerations®. There you will find a gallery of my boudoir work, pricing and your next steps for working with me.

learn photography

Education & Classes

Are you a photographer that wants to learn from me? From the Boudoir School™ to Lighting and Posing Guides, to Lightroom Presets – I’ve created everything you need to know about becoming a successful boudoir photographer.


after breast cancer

In 2017, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The cancer seemingly came out of nowhere. I have no family history, no genetics and was always healthy. After diagnosis, I had a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and reconstruction. I felt it was incredibly important to document my journey through photos and videos to help educate and inspire others. Click below to watch my breast cancer videos & read my story.




Are you a kick-ass woman who needs a kick in the ass? If so, the Shamelessly Feminine® Podcast is for you! Listen to Jen interview powerful guests that cover life-changing topics such as mindfulness, relationships, self-care, money, nutrition, fashion and more.

Take a listen now and get your ass in gear!

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