Life after
Breast Cancer

My journey through breast cancer & reconstructing my life and body.

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What the F*ck Just Happened?

A Survivors Guide to Life After Breast Cancer.

In July of 2017 I felt something unusual in my breast. At a routine check up I asked my Doctor to check it out. Two days later I was diagnosed with stage 2B Invasive Lobular Carcinoma aka Breast Cancer.

Two weeks later I had a bilateral mastectomy followed by 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 2 reconstruction surgeries.

I knew immediately upon diagnosis that I had to give my disease purpose.

After I told all my close friends and family about my cancer, I took to social media to announce my diagnosis.

I created a YouTube channel to document my journey in real-time. The videos are meant to inspire and educate women going through cancer as well as their support system.

Life After Breast Cancer is a movement & community that helps breast cancer patients, survivors & previvors put their lives back together after cancer.


I have curated a list of helpful things for after a Mastectomy or Reconstruction surgery that made my life easier post-surgery. If you have any questions about other post-surgery resources, simply contact me and I am happy to chat.